Computer & Clean Room Cleaning

Our expertise in computer and clean room cleaning has been built up over the past thirty three years working for predominantly blue-chip clients.

Our services include risk assessment, specialist sub floor cleaning, ceiling void decontamination, plant and equipment cleaning and ongoing monitoring of air quality and contamination. In addition we can provide detailed decontamination of live support areas such as UPS rooms, mains distributing rooms, battery charge and control rooms, generator facilities and HV and LV switch rooms.

All tasks are specifically risk assessed on site and full method statements are produced and actioned before commencement of work.

We are fully aware of the critical importance these high risk areas have within clients businesses. Our methodical management approach ensures that risk of interruption is minimised, and plant downtime is often unnecessary as work can be carried out on live areas. This specialist service is under the direct management of Tony Richards who has over 15 years experience in this area.

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