Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning is the mainstay of our business. We understand the importance of clean offices and the toilets that go with them.

We undertake contracts from £2,500 to £500,000 per annum for a large blue chip client base across the Midlands.

Our cleaners and managers appreciate the time restrictions and flexibility needed to ensure that cleaning does not disrupt your staff or visitors and the majority of office cleaning takes place early in the morning or early evening.

It is at these times that our supervisors and area managers are at their busiest. Whilst visiting sites their role is to train and motivate cleaners to help them to reach their full potential whilst at the same time ensuring that cleaning standards are achieved but more importantly maintained.

Regular audits and client meetings ensure that the high standards we all expect are consistently achieved.

In addition to the daily office cleaning we can provide all your washroom consumables, barrier mats, sanitary services and specialist cleaning services to ensure your premises always look their best.

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