School & College Cleaning Services

We carry out daily and periodic cleaning for a number of educational establishments in both the public and private sector.

Cleaning requirements in schools and colleges are often very heavily cost driven, however our experience has proved that ultimately the cheaper price leads to poor quality issues that cost more money to resolve. What at first seems a cheap option leads to greater expenditure on rectification or wasted management time by the client.

Our extensive experience over the past thirty three years allows us to present effective solutions to all the issues raised during the tender, start up and cleaning phases.

We have been extremely successful in negotiating and implementing an effective management solution to TUPE and other transfer concerns benefiting both the cleaning staff and our clients.

Our tailored specifications ensure that each area is brought to and maintained at a high standard without wasting valuable resources on standard items that do not apply.

Effective management creates added value that our clients and our cleaning staff have often missed with some of our competitors. This added value will create a very cost effective service that creates stability and consistently high standards. We aim to retain our clients for long periods, some in excess of twenty years, and it is this long term approach that will continue to reap benefits in the future.

We have the resources and flexibility to carry out many other tasks both during term time and holiday periods. Get in touch to discuss your school or college cleaning requirements.

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