Washroom Supplies & Consumables

An essential service we provide to many clients is the provision of all the little things that often go wrong when ignored.

These are generally washroom related and tend to have created problems, in the past, out of all proportion to the actual work involved in setting them up and monitoring them to ensure continuity of service.

  • Tea Towels Supply & Laundry
  • Washing Up Liquid & Dishwasher Consumables
  • Paper Hand Towels
  • Toilet Rolls
  • Hot Air Hand Driers
  • Liquid Soap Dispensers
  • Waste Bags & Bin Liners
  • Sanitary Vending & Disposal
  • Automatic Toilet Air Freshener Units
  • Barrier Mats including logos
  • Paper and Soap Dispensers

Many clients are dependant on the satisfactory supply of these services to their buildings, we are able to manage both the supply and daily distribution of these items through the existing site staff, creating both cost savings and quality improvements that are welcomed by everyone. These services and supplies are organised by us so you do not have to think about them. They are invoiced separately and menu priced for your convenience and peace of mind.

We can manage the inventory and stock checks using our on site supervisor at no additional cost. We arrange delivery and handling to your storage area free of charge as our cleaners can be responsible for handling these items, and there is no minimum order level or high stock levels. You get one itemised invoice each month attached to our cleaning invoice. One supplier and one payment cuts administration and finance costs dramatically.

If you have multiple sites these can be itemised on one combined invoice for budget allocation.

You need never run out of toilet rolls again!

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